Creatures Comfort has scaled back.

We are doing cat adoptions at Ace Hardware in Ferndale.  Thanks to Gordon Merritt for the use of space in his store and many years of support.  Creatures Comfort is a no-kill rescue facility whose primary mission is improving the lives of feral cats in our communities.

Many thanks to Lois for her many years of dedicated service to the feral cats of Whatcom County.   She continues to improve the lives of countless cats and kittens and inspires others to do the same.

What is a Feral Cat?

Feral cats are born and raised without human contact.  Their instincts are highly developed for survival, so they are extremely fearful of people.  Some cats that were previously owned revert to feral behavior, but may be re-socialized.  Such cats may meow at you if they are hungry or frightened.

Feral cats breed frequently, adding to an already overwhelming pet overpopulation problem.  Without intervention, their lives are typically cut short and filled with unnecessary suffering.  Humane population control of feral cats is a crucial step in preventing hardship and proliferation.

Where do Feral Cats come From?

Many people erroneously believe that cats can fend for themselves.  Cat owners often abandon their cats when they move or simply no longer want the responsibility of pet ownership.  Abandoned cats survive only if they find food, shelter, and avoid the dangers of life outdoors.  Threats to abandoned or feral cats include wild predators, dogs, other cats, traffic or abusive humans.  They are rarely spayed or neutered, and their offspring are raised without human contact.  Within a few years, two cats can produce a colony of twenty or more.